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Monitoring and reporting project delivery. Download... 

All too often deviation from the target design plan means that very quickly it stops representing the reality of the design process. It is then close to impossible to implement action to get the process back to the target plan and the deviation increases to the point where the schedule is meaningless. Therefore, having produced a target design programme, the design process must be managed and controlled.

ADePT Design Manager enables design and project managers to maintain control of the design:

Publish short-term look-ahead plans;
Capture progress and the root-cause of any failures;
Ensure activities and coordination are closed out by the team;
Identify and manage constraints such as resource and information shortages;
Report design team performance in an objective way;
Identify trends in the project delivery;
Publish clear management reports of progress, performance and trends;
Assess the impacts of major design changes; and
Import progress reports to maintain a meaningful plan in your third-party planning application.

ADePT Design Manager is supplied with easy-to-use on-line data entry tools for use by all design team members should you wish to capture progress and constraints in that way.

ADePT Design Manager is used in two steps:

Step 1

Team leaders create a work plan and publish it to the project team.

Step 2

Team members update the programme with their latest progress.